It is rare that you meet someone who isn’t searching for “the best Mexican food near me” or who would turn up their nose at a fresh bowl of guacamole. It seems safe to say that everyone loves Mexican food. But why is it so popular? Why is it the food of choice for many happy hours, breakfasts of champions, and birthday dinners? Let’s unpack why Mexican food is so beloved by many in today’s blog post.

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Five Reasons Why We Love Mexican Food

Mexican food can be served in many different ways: traditional style, area specialties, Tex-Mex, and more. However, no matter how you fix it, there are several reasons why everyone’s mouth waters when they think of Mexican food.

Fresh Ingredients & Healthy

Mexican food is comprised of fresh ingredients of all of the major food groups, making it a well-rounded, healthy meal. Not only do you get to enjoy food from all of the food groups, but you also enjoy richly nutritious foods that have within tons of essential vitamins and minerals. Next time you think you have to have a salad — the “healthier option” — enjoy some delicious Mexican food instead.

Flavorful & Delicious

If you think that Mexican food is bland, then you haven’t had “real Mexican food” at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Mexican food is the epitome of flavorful food — from spices, sauces, and marinades to fresh-baked tortillas or fried chips, every ingredient is flavorful for an experience that your tastebuds will love. And really, it will be the standard for every other meal you enjoy the rest of your life!  


With many foods, if you want it to taste food, you gotta be willing to drop some money. However, delicious Mexican food can be eaten at a variety of price points; you can eat upscale Mexican food at a five-star restaurant, but you can also get crave-worthy food for under $10 — like that which you can order at El Charrito in Salinas.

Part of Our Cultural Heritage

Over 50 million Hispanics call America home and over two-thirds of those immigrants are from Mexico. Mexican culture and food have become deeply interwoven into the American way of life and so it is no wonder that Mexican food and culture has gained such popularity. As immigrants ourselves, we are excited to share our culture with everyone and to fill hungry stomachs with food that also nourishes their souls.  

So Many Ways to Enjoy It

Another wonderful aspect about Mexican food is that there are many options to be enjoyed, not only providing variety, but also allowing everyone to find a dish that fits their preferences. From burritos, carne asada, and enchiladas to tacos, tamales, flautas, and more, there is something for everyone and a different dish for every day of the week — maybe even the month!

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