El Charrito has always been in the business of satisfying Salinas’ cravings for delicious Mexican food. Whether it be providing tasty breakfast burritos to help you start your morning off right, enjoying a zesty break midday, or ending the day on a high note with delicious spicy dinner from El Charrito, we are here for you. We can make sure no matter how you want to enjoy Mexican food delivery that El Charrito can deliver. 

Visit our website to order online or stick around to learn about what you should order for your next lunch or dinner date. 

What to Order For Your Date

It is said that variety is the spice of life. However, we would say that delicious, flavorful food could also be called the spice of life. It is both nourishing, but can also easily bring people together. Whether you’ve been on a date with the same person multiple times or it’s your first, we are your spirit guides to ordering from our menu. 

Drinks: Quench Your Thirst

First, you should order drinks. Yes, you could opt for water or another option. However, there is nothing like authentic Mexican drinks served alongside traditional flavors. Order Jamaica, our hibiscus tea for a fruity refreshing drink, Limon, our fresh lime juice beverage for something truly refreshing, or horchata, a favorite that is always welcome on a warm summer day. 

Appetizer: Get Started Right

A meal during a date is part of the experience, and an appetizer can help build that experience right from the start. The starters we offer aren’t flashy, but they are delicious. Order chips and salsa and/or chips and guacamole for a light snack before the main course, or beef and potato taquitos for the truly ravenous. 

The Meal: The Main Event 

Lastly, you have the meal. We offer a variety of options so there is no shortage of ways to appease your date. We offer burritos served with rice, beans, and your choice of salsa, and burrito bowls that include meat, rice, beans, guacamole, crema, queso fresco, cabbage, and your choice of salsa. We provide one more option as well: the torta which is served on French bread and has avocado, crema, melted jack cheese, tomato, onions, and pickled jalapenos. Choosing betweening these three options will depend on your date, how hungry you are, and what kind of meal you’re in the mood for. However, for the truly undecided, we suggest our burritos which have been hailed as the best in Monterrey. You can’t go wrong!

Once you’ve chosen between a burrito, bowl, and torta, next choose between 12 different flavors — including a vegetarian option! We offer chile verde, chicharron, lengua, chile relleno, al pastor, carne asada, and more. Whether you love trying something new or sticking to your favorite Mexican dish flavors, we have something that both you and your date can enjoy. 

We hope that you enjoyed learning about our menu and all the ways to create a special moment with your special someone. Be sure to check out our menu for yourself and to order from Salinas favorite authentic Mexican restaurant tonight!