Who doesn’t love a classic, authentic dish of Mexican food placed in front of them? In Monterey at El Charrito, we understand what traditional, authentic and classic Mexican food really means, and it’s not a feature you can find at just any Mexican restaurant. At El Charrito, we take feedback seriously. We want to make sure our dishes are everything you have always wanted which is why we’re listing the top five Mexican foods celebrities you have probably heard of, love!

Jennifer Aniston – Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Tostada Salad and Chips & Guacamole

To Jennifer Aniston, there’s nothing more appetizing than a big starter of chips and guac, especially if it’s homemade guacamole. That, coupled with the main dish of enchiladas or a tostada salad is food that she can’t turn down.

Cameron Diaz – Pork Scratchings

Anything pork and you’ll have Cameron Diaz knocking at your door. Although she hasn’t knocked at ours just yet, we’re sure the next time she visits Monterey, and she may just come into our restaurant for some authentic Mexican food with plenty of pork.

Eva Longoria – Tortilla Soup

If you love soup, you’re similar to Eva Longoria. This beautiful actress loves to sip on the delicious broth; after all, tortilla soup is traced back to her roots in Mexico, where her family is from. Longoria has stated she can’t live without Mexican food in her life. In fact, she even owns her very own Mexican restaurant with a tortilla soup named Beso.

Kelly Osbourne – Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken quesadillas are an Americanized kind of Mexican food, but it’s something that nearly all American’s love to eat. There are just something about the carbs and melted cheese that makes Kelly Osbourne want to eat more and more. She said that when she was on Dancing With the Stars, she couldn’t get enough of the Mexican dish.

Beyonce – Guacamole

Mmmm… guacamole, yet another celebrity fan! Guacamole, the traditional version, is much better when it’s handmade and that’s what you’ll receive when you visit our Mexican restaurant in Monterey.

If you want to try one of these celebrity’s favorite Mexican dishes, we invite you to visit our restaurant. With our classic Mexican food, we know you’ll be coming back for more. Join us at our restaurant in downtown Monterey tonight to keep your taste buds happy! If you’d like to take a look at our menu, feel free to do so online here. We’re happy to prepare your dish ahead of time or reserve a table for you. Call us at 831-424-9446!