Most people know how to say taco and burrito without a problem, but what about dish names, such as costillas and carne asada? Chances are, your server will know what you mean, even if you mispronounce the name of the dish. However, we’d like to share a few tips on how to pronounce your traditional Mexican food dish the next time you come see us for a meal.

Pronouncing J

Js, in Spanish, are pronounced with an H sound. This is why fajita sounds like “fah-HEE-tah,” instead of “fah-JEE-tah.” Whenever you see a food item with a J in the name, substitute in an H sound instead. You can be confident your dish has been pronounced correctly.

Pronouncing LL

When two Ls are put together, this creates a Y sound, as in “yellow” or “yield.” When you see a word like quesadilla, remember to change the Ls into a Y pronunciation. This is only the case with two Ls together; words with single Ls still retain the same sound.

Pronouncing Words That End in E

Words, such as elote should be pronounced as “eh-LO-tay” and not “ee-LOTE.” Make sure these words have an “ay” sound at the end when you say them!

When in doubt, you can always indicate which item you would like by gesturing to the menu when ordering. However, if you are feeling confident in your Spanish pronunciation, be sure to come visit us at El Charrito. Order some traditional Mexican food and experience a real piece of Mexico right here in Monterey!