cta2In our last blog we talked about the many health benefits of eating our amazing Mexican food (like we needed an excuse!), and here is part 2!


What is Mexican food without some jalapenos? Jalapenos can not only help speed up your metabolism, but they also have capsaicin in them; capsaicin can lower your cholesterol.

So come on in and get something spicy, like one of our fresh salsas! They will delight your senses and take care of your heart, too!


Want an excuse to order a Limon Fresca with your next order? Here it is! Limes are a great source of vitamin C, which can help your immune system fight germs and free-radicals, and they also, like lemons, have an antibacterial quality.

Be sure to request a Limon Fresca with your next order!


Though Mexican food can be vegetarian, much of it is centered around a meat which provides an excellent source of protein! Protein is not only needed for muscle growth  but is needed for many other health functions; protein also helps stabilize blood sugar, and keep you feeling full longer!

Both our breakfast and lunch dishes have protien in them. Pick from our selection of pork, shredded chicken, beef, bacon, and eggs!  

Tomatoes and Tomatillos

Both tomatoes and tomatillos, a type of tomato, have great health benefits and are used in many Mexican food dishes. Both are an excellent source of vitamin C and K with many more benefits. Cooked tomatoes in particular have cancer fighting properties!

There are two reasons why you will be craving Mexican food: it’s delicious and our body naturally craves nutritionally rich food! Come check out our full menu of the best Mexican food in Monterey! We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also offer catering!