new_cta1We don’t need an excuse to crave good Mexican food in Monterey. But did you know that Mexican food actually has health benefits? Here are a few ways why enjoying good and flavorful Mexican food is beneficial to our health s:


Beans not only have fiber which helps keep you feeling full longer well after you’ve enjoyed your food, but the fiber found in beans can help with cholesterol, and can be a source for protein and iron. Many of our dishes are served with a helping of rice and beans, which according to some, the combination nutritionally creates a full protein!

Try one of our Breakfast Burritos, or one of our many delicious lunch plates, all with a side of rice and beans!


Cumin is a warm, earthy seasoning frequently used in many Mexican dishes. Though we can’t spill the beans on our secret recipes (pun intended),we can assure that cumin is a seasoning that we use. Cumin has many benefits including antibacterial properties and is a good source of iron.

Try one of our lunch Tortas or our Taquitos Plate that comes with cabbage, queso fresco, rice and beans!


Corn and corn tortillas are a great source of fiber and is a whole grain. Food experts say that one ear of corn has up to 4 grams of fiber!

Try one of our authentic Mexican Tamales or buy six or twelve to share with your friends!


Avocado, the main ingredient in our guacamole, and a fresh topping for many of our eats, is full of good fats! Good fats are essential not only for your brain, but also for almost every physical system in your body: Immune system, heart and lungs, and skin.

Add a side of Chips and our delicious Guacamole any one of our delicious meals!

These are just some of the health benefits of our authentic Mexican food! Check back soon for part 2 and be sure to check out our menu!