No matter where you live  — whether it’s in Salinas or elsewhere near Monterey — you, like the rest of the country, have been housebound for months. The list of activities that you aren’t already bored of is growing shorter by the day. Life feels like a drag, and making date nights special is becoming harder. 

With this in mind, El Charrito is taking it upon ourselves to provide some date night ideas to spice things up and help you and your significant other make the most of your date night. Keep reading to get essential tips and be sure to order Mexican food delivery from El Charrito, your Top Rated Local® authentic Mexican restaurant in Salinas, and the Monterey area. 

8 Ways to Spice Up Date Night

Keeping things interesting during quarantine has proved to be challenging. However, making your date nights special isn’t impossible

Make It Romantic

If you’re wanting to take your date night in a romantic direction, there are multiple ways to create the mood. One of the best ways to do so is to create romantic ambiance by hanging up twinkle lights, lighting a candle, eating your meal outside, and playing some music. You could even pick up a bouquet!

Movie Night 

Instead of bingeing another season of The Office, make your date night a movie night by picking a movie, stand-up special, documentary, or show to watch together. The key is to pick something that you’ve never seen before or is an all-time favorite so it feels like a special event. This blogger’s pick: Jeepers Creepers — it’s about time for the Creeper to arise again!

Get Competitive

Do you and your significant other like to play games? Have a game night! Enjoy old school games or download the latest two-player video game. Enjoy a night of fun, flirting, and competitive spirit that you won’t soon forget. Not a game person? Try a puzzle!

Do Your Favorite Hobby Together

This may be a little harder since you are confined at home. However, it may be a great way to learn a little more about each other and the hobbies you enjoy. Pick an activity to do that you and/or your significant other enjoy, and do it together.  

Try Something New Together

Have you both been wanting to try something new? Take a night, and do it together. Trying something new could include making something or baking a dessert or sweet treat, doing a workout or exercise routine together, or building something. Get creative and have fun!

Be a Kid Again

Embrace the more playful side of life by having a little bit of child-like fun together. Pull out the Legos, a coloring book, or race car track — or even make a blanket fort! Have fun together being kids again. 

Take a Drive

Just because we can’t go out doesn’t mean we can’t take a drive and see the sights. Get out of the house, and take a drive. Drive past some of your favorite places as a couple or simply take in the sights while you listen to your favorite songs. 

Get to Know Each Other

It’s easy to forget to spend quality time together when you’re stuck in the same house together. Take a minute away from the monotony of quarantine life and focus on each other: put away your phones and talk. To get the conversation going, ask each other get-to-know-you questions. For example: 

  • What’s your favorite\least favorite part about quarantine?
  • What is your favorite memory of our relationship?
  • If you were to choose between being quarantined with your mother-in-law or the most annoying person at work, which would you choose?

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