Do you love salsa as much as we do? Do you have a salsa preference for each of your favorite Mexican food dishes? Whether you could school us on your salsa- knowledge, or you are just beginning your salsa obsession, today’s blog is dedicated to one of the staples of all of the best Mexican food.

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Five Types of Salsa

Who doesn’t love chips and salsa or enjoying it with your favorite Mexican dish. Salsa which means “sauce” in Spanish is the snack that we all love and is, in many cases, the perfect complimenting factor for many Mexican dishes served at authentic Mexican restaurants in Monterey County.

Pico De Gallo

Who doesn’t love this combination of freshly diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, garlic, and jalapeños? Pico de gallo is one of the most flexible salsas that can complement various types of dishes or can even be eaten by itself. Often a little pico will be featured on the side, over rice and beans, or even on a salad.

Salsa Negra

If you love smokey, dark flavors and you haven’t had a taste of salsa negra, you need to stop what you’re doing and try it. This delicious concoction is made up of roasted tomatoes, peppers, dried chilies, oil, and garlic. Dubbed “salsa negra” due to it’s dark color has a paste like consistency that compliments many dishes including grilled meats and oily fish.

Salsa Roja

Salsa roja is one of the mostly widely known and enjoyed salsas. Created from a tomato base, this salsa can be made in a variety of ways to give it more or less of a kick or various flavors. In many cases, salsa roja has a slight smoky flavor, is cooked with chili peppers, and can pack quite a spicy kick.  

Salsa Verde

Salsa verde or “green salsa” is made with tomatillos, garlic, and chillies for a fresh, spicy salsa that is perfect for enjoying with your favorite chips, as well as with chilaquiles and other favorite Mexican dishes — including your favorite burrito at El Charrito!

Avocado Salsa

Avocado salsa isn’t the same as guacamole. It has a thinner consistency from the added white vinegar and lime, and has an understated flavor and sometimes, quite a spicy kick. Like any salsa, you can add avocado salsa to your favorite dishes, but sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and pair it with some light flakey chips.


At El Charrito, we are all about providing not only a variety of salsas, but creating salsa that is flavorful and craveworthy all by itself. We serve:

  • Salsa roja – medium
  • Salsa verde – medium
  • Pico de gallo – medium
  • Salsa molcajete – spicy
  • El Charrito salsa

You can enjoy our salsas with chips, in your favorite El Charrito burrito, or on top of your burrito bowl. Whenever you’re searching for “best Mexican food near me” in Salinas, be sure to click on El Charrito and you are sure to enjoy fresh salsa every time you come to El Charrito.