At El Charrito, we get a lot of regular customers. Some come for our tamales, some for our taquitos, but many just can’t resist our delectable burritos. No matter the time of day, we always have burritos for our dedicated clientele, and some are more excited about it than others. In fact, we know that there are many folks who are downright obsessed with our delectable burritos. If you aren’t sure whether you count yourself among them, read on for some telltale signs that you are completely in love with burritos.

When you’re done with one burrito, all you can think about is eating another one.

You are stuffed to the gills, so you probably won’t actually do it, but it isn’t too long after you have eaten one burrito that you start thinking about the next one.

Your Instagram feed is more than 70 percent burritos.

Sure, your followers have seen a burrito before, and you are aware that you post them too much. But you just love being able to look back through your posts and savor the memory of each delicious bite.

Your friends have tried to hold an intervention for you.

But you all just ended up coming into El Charrito for some breakfast burritos instead. You are very persuasive, and burritos are very delicious.

You savor the last bites of your burrito as though they are the last bits of food you will ever eat.

The end of every burrito is a tragedy, so you make sure to really taste every bite. When it’s gone, you shed a single tear in its memory. RIP, tasty friend.

You don’t fantasize about falling in love; you fantasize about burritos.

It has been a long time since you last daydreamed about the guy or gal of your dreams. These days, you are too busy thinking about your one true love, burritos, to consider a future with anyone else.

You have exclusively eaten burritos at least one day of your life.

The beauty of breakfast burritos is that they make it easy for burrito lovers like you to eat them three times a day.

You get defensive if anyone doesn’t like burritos.

Whether they say that they just don’t “get” why you love burritos so much, they say pizza is better, or they declare that burritos are gross, you immediately get defensive when people start bashing them. You feel your blood boil and you have to take a few deep breaths before launching into a defense of your favorite Mexican dish.

You can’t stand watching someone else eat a burrito.

The biggest crime your roommate could commit against you is coming home with an El Charrito burrito and eating it in front of you. You would have no choice but to run out yourself and pick one up, because you are not about to be tortured in this way.

At El Charrito, we are more than happy to help you with your extreme burrito cravings. Whether you are genuinely obsessed or just really, really like burritos, we have a selection of delectable Mexican food in Monterey. Come in today!