Food, like anything else, changes over time, is influenced by other cultures, and has its own interesting history. Today on on the El Charrito blog, we are going to share with you a few lesser-known facts about Salinas’ favorite cuisine. 

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6 Fun Facts About Mexican Food

Do you consider yourself a foodie or a Mexican food connoisseur? Test your knowledge with the El Charrito blog as we share some lesser known facts about this tasty faire. 

All Parts of the Cow Are Used

On our El Charrito menu, we offer a few iterations of beef including la lengua which is beef tongue. If you haven’t tried it, and before you turn up your nose, know that it’s a delicious tender meat that you are sure to fall in love with — give it a try! Cow tongue isn’t the only “unusual” part of the animal used in Mexican cuisine. Other parts used include the uterus, udders, and testicles.

We Eat Less Red Meat

Even though all parts of the cow are used, Mexican food is prepared with less beef than American food. Like our menu, chicken and pork are also likely to be found with even fish and seafood. 

Tomatoes Aren’t Italian

Tomatoes are used heavily in Mexican food, but contrary to popular belief they originated in Mexico — not Italy! The aztecs used the fruit heavily in their dishes and when the Spanish encountered it with their exploration of the Americas, they brought it back to Europe during the 16th century.

Traditional Guacamole Isn’t What You Think

Today the key ingredients that you can taste in your guacamole and you see as they make a fresh bowl of one of our most favorite dips tableside hasn’t always been included in this dish. Lime is not included in traditional guacamole and according to most Mexican food aficionados, it only masks the avocado flavor instead of actually bringing it out. 

Tamales Have Ancient Origins

It has been estimated that tamales have been around since 8,000 BCE eaten by Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs — making them possibly one of the oldest dishes of traditional Mexican food. Tamales are made from masa, a corn-based dough and is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. These delicious treats can be filled with meats, cheese, and even fruits, vegetables, and chilies. 

The Margarita Has Its Origin in the U.S. 

If you read our last blog, you may have learned that the margarita was not invented in Mexico rather it may have been invented by a bartender or a Dallas socialite. Though this drink isn’t part of the tradition of Mexican food, we are happy that it has become a part of how we enjoy our favorite Mexican food dishes. 

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