Mexican food and margaritas go together like peanut butter and jelly and it’s easy to taste why. The margarita provides a lovely plethora of complimenting flavors to your entree of choice whether that be a taco on Taco Tuesday or a tasty burrito from your best local Mexican restaurant El Charrito. Though we don’t sell alcohol at our authentic Mexican restaurant, we are definitely fans of the delicious beverage and want to celebrate it on our blog today. 

6 Things You Need To Know About Margaritas

Like most of our favorite cocktails, it’s hard to imagine a world without them. Thankfully we can walk into our favorite bar and can order a margarita without the bartender batting an eye at us. We are grateful that someone had the inspiration to craft one of the most popular drinks of all time. 

They Don’t Know Where It Came From

Like many of our most popular and classic drinks, the origin of the margarita is unknown. Some credit a bartender and brand manager of the Rémy-Cointreau’s Collectif 1806 with its inception in 1948. Others claim that it came from Acapulco, Mexico of the same year created by a Dallas socialite using blanco tequila and limes — she may have been the first to add salt to the rim!

It’s All in the Name

The word “margarita” is Spanish for “daisy.” According to some liquor afficianatos the drink garnered this name due to it’s flowery qualities — sweet and sour and the sparkling flavor of club soda. Others, though, credit the name as a means to describe a particular type of drink; one that uses orange liqueur. 

Know Your Tequila

Not all tequila is created equal. There are five basic types of tequila: 

  • Blanco tequila
  • Joven tequila
  • Reposado tequila
  • Anejo tequila
  • Extra enho tequila

Each type of tequila is different and the type you use to make your margarita depends on your taste. However, you should never settle for a tequila that is anything less than 100% pure Blue Agave. Liquor that is less than 100% is lower quality and mixed with sugars and other mystery ingredients. 

Choose Your Team

If you know your margaritas you may know that there are two camps — orange liqueur or agave nectar. Both are delicious but provide a different experience of the beloved drink. The blue agave allows you to more fully taste the tequila, and the orange highlights the interplay of citrus flavor and the tequila. 

The Frozen Margarita

The frozen margarita was invented in 1971, inspired by 7-Eleven’s Slurpee. Mariano Martinez decided to repurpose a soft-serve machine and turn it into the first frozen margarita maker. You can now see the original maker at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. 

The Bougiest Margarita is $2,500

You may have had some bougie margaritas in your time but have you ever had a margarita that cost $2,500 per cocktail? Marco Antonio in commemoration of the margarita’s 71st birthday created the Silk Stocking Margarita made from Clas Azul Ultra anejo tequila which is $1,500 a bottle! 

We hope you enjoyed learning about Mexican food’s favorite cocktail, the margarita. We hope you’ll stop into El Charrito soon to enjoy the best Mexican food in Salinas.