Welcome back to the El Charrito blog! In our last blog post, we discussed wine pairing and Mexican food and gave you some suggestions for creating winning combinations. Today, we wanted to write a quick post for the beer connoisseurs! One of the simplest ways to choose the perfect beer for your favorite dish is to classify the dish. 

Creamy Food

If you are enjoying a deliciously cheesy dish or one topped with a cream sauce, a beer with bitter flavors is best, such as an American pale ale with bright hops and citrus flavors. Not only will this type of beer balance well with a creamy dish but it will excellently compliment raw onion, tomato, and cilantro that accompanies dishes of this nature and Mexican food in general. 

Hearty Food

For food that is hearty, meaty, or has deeply flavored sauces such as a mole, it is best to find an equally flavorful beer such as a Belgian dubbel or other full bodied beer. Because of the strong flavors of the food, you need a beer that has carbonation and a flavor that can stand on its own. 

Spicy Food 

Spicy dishes are perfectly accompanied by malty beers. The maltiness of the beer can help alleviate the spice without overpowering the dish. American blond ales, witbier, and helles are perfect for a dish like chilaquiles verdes and richer spicer dishes; chorizo and spicy tomato sauces are perfectly accompanied by an Irish red ale. 

Fatty & Crispy Food

If you choose to enjoy fajitas, tacos al pastor, carnitas, or similar dishes, you may want to pair it with a smoked porter, rauchbier, dark or amber lager, or an American brown ale. These beers can stand up to the fattiness of the food and accents the flavor for a satisfied palate. 

Bright and Light Food

Traditional Mexican dishes like ceviche and other sharper tasting foods are best accompanied by beers that do not decrease their brightness like a light Mexican beer or similar. And with that being said, if all else fails and you’re not sure what to pair your meal with, a nice Mexican lager with a splash of lime will never disappoint. 

As you discover your favorite beer and mexican food pairing, remember to always drink responsibly and to always order El Charrito in Salinas. Stop into our authentic mexican restaurant or order food delivery from us. Visit our website to learn more!