Everyone knows that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Even though the statement has been debated by health professionals, when you have a breakfast burrito on your plate, the truth is hard to get around.

What year the first breakfast burrito was created isn’t important, because once you have had a delicious burrito before 9 a.m., then your whole world has changed and the only thing that matters is finding the best breakfast burrito. And since its inception, that is what everyone has been trying to do. Authentic Mexican food just can’t be beat. But why?

Why is the Breakfast Burrito so Life-Altering?

There’s Protein

When you walk down the breakfast aisle at the grocery store, it’s essentially all sugar. Boxes and boxes of sugary cereals, breakfast bars, and even containers of oatmeal are packed with sugar. Sure, there are healthy cereals out there, but the fact is that it’s hard to get a good source of protein in your breakfast with traditional American options. With a breakfast burrito, you’re not only getting eggs, but also a second choice of protein, such as bacon, sausage, chorizo, or ham. More protein for breakfast? Now that’s what makes it the most important meal of the day.

You Can Take it With You

We’re busy people, right? If you’re trying to get in a workout before heading to the office, taking a shower, getting lunches ready for the kids, and who knows what else, finding time to make a healthy breakfast can be hard. Not to mention many breakfasts are hard to take with you – except the breakfast burrito. Various delicious ingredients all wrapped up in a warm, comforting tortilla. Quick, easy, delicious.


For potato-loving people, this is all you need to know.


Cheese for breakfast? Yes, please! Cheese often gets a bad rap because it has a lot of fat, but it’s also a source of protein as well as calcium. Plus, in a breakfast burrito, the cheese melts and becomes a gooey ingredient that goes perfectly with the soft potatoes and chile sauce.

Sauce or Salsa

The chile sauce or salsa is what makes a breakfast burrito an authentic Mexican food dish. And it’s also the key ingredient that makes a great tasting burrito. And what’s best is that most Mexican restaurants offer a choice of spiciness, from mild to medium to hot. So you can personalize your burrito to your preferences. The chile sauce is what gives a breakfast burrito its amazing flavor and what can distinguish one burrito from another.

Choose El Charrito For Your Next Breakfast Burrito

El Charrito is proud to offer the Monterey County area exceptional authentic Mexican food, including burritos. Our burritos are served with beans (another source of protein) and your choice of salsa – salsa roja (medium, salsa verde (medium), pico de gallo (medium), and salsa molcajete (spicy). Our Huevos Con Chile comes with chile Pulla and the Huevo Con Nopales comes with Chile de arbol, two varieties of peppers that add some heat!

The next time you’re in the mood for a quick, filling, and incredibly satisfying breakfast, view our menu and stop by El Charrito in Salinas, California.