Spicy food is known in the states to be an extremely divisive subject. I mean you either like it or you don’t. While a vast majority of the world uses spice in their food to a great degree, the United States has strayed away from it and when they do, it is not always the spiciest of things. Mexican food, on the other hand, has a long-standing tradition with using spicy peppers to bring out the flavor of the food. 

While many people may avoid spicy food simply because it hurts their mouths too much, it might actually be beneficial to try and get used to having a little bit of spice on your food. This is not only because it will open up your palette to a bunch of new flavors, but it also has quite a few health benefits that might help you live a healthier lifestyle. 

It is important for us to mention that while spicy food can be beneficial that it shouldn’t mean you need to overdo it. Foods that aren’t healthy for you won’t suddenly become healthy because a dash of spice is added. Be mindful of what you eat and the spice will add to your health! So without further ado, here are a few ways that spicy food can help you be healthier today!


What is this you might be wondering? Well, it is actually what is contained in all the peppers that you consume. Pure Capsaicin is what makes the hottest peppers in the world hot, as you go down on the Scoville scale (the scale for telling how hot a pepper is, you will get a form of it that is less pure. Capsaicin has been studied for decades by scientists all over the world to see if it could be used as a pain reliever and what other benefits it could possibly have. When scientists started studying it, they actually found that the benefits of it were quite extraordinary. They found that it helps your heart, weight, gut, and can even be used as a pain reliever when applied to your skin.

Healthy Heart, Happier You

Eating spicy food has been shown to reduce your level of low-density lipoprotein or LDL for short. LDL is often called bad cholesterol because it has been shown to increase your risk of heart disease. Consuming peppers has been shown to reduce your heart attack risk by up to 13% because of the levels of Capsaicin contained in them. So next time you have a burrito here at your local authentic Mexican restaurant in Monterey, reach for the salsa that has a bit of an extra kick to it. Your body will ultimately thank you for it!

Weight Loss

There are many things that can contribute to gaining weight. After all, there are a ton of things out there that simply aren’t healthy for our bodies. Eating better, more activity, genetics, and age can all play a part in why we gain weight, but eating spicy food can actually help you combat it in a couple of different ways. First off, when you are eating spicy food, whether you enjoy it or not, it can actually help you slow down on how much you are eating. This will, in turn, allow for you to be more conscious about your body and what is going on with it. Sometimes when we eat we simply go on autopilot and consume everything that is on the plate, the spice will bring you more into the moment and allow for you to take it slower.

The second way that it could help with weight loss is that spice actually boosts your metabolism. Putting a little extra spice on your food helps your heart rate which in turn can help jumpstart your metabolism to combat fat much easier. One study that was done in 2015 actually showed that white cells (which is what stores fat) were converted into brown cells (which is what burns fat)  because of the Capsaicin in peppers. 

Pain Relief

When you are eating peppers, you will usually get a slight tingle in your mouth and if it is a really hot pepper then your mouth will probably begin to go numb a little bit. Luckily for you, this numbness is only in your mind and it is not actually harming your body. Tricking your body into not feeling a sensation like pain is at the forefront of what many pain relievers do. While something like CBD is all the rage right now for pain relief, it may actually be better for you to reach for a dash of pepper to ground up and rub on to a painful spot to experience some relief. The Capsaicin in the pepper will immediately relieve pain that you are experiencing and help you get some temporary relief. While it may not be something that you can use for all of your pain, it will certainly do in a pinch. 

Come Get Some Spice In Your Life

Spicy foods have always been a tradition when it comes to Mexican food which is why we here at El Charrito love to throw a few peppers in our various dishes. While we don’t endorse you to try our hottest sauces right off the bat, starting with something a little hot could help improve your health in a wide variety of ways. Come on down to your local authentic Mexican restaurant in Monterey and experience what spice can do for your life.