January is the time for many of us to let go of unhealthy habits we acquired during the holiday season and to “start” over by eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding unhealthy ingredients in our diet. Often as a result, we no longer feel that eating out is an option because it seems that all take-out and food delivery is unhealthy, fattening food. In many cases, yes, that is correct. However, this isn’t entirely true for authentic Mexican food and the food we offer you at El Charrito in Salinas. 

Authentic Mexican Food Versus Tex Mex

As with many cuisines, much of what Americans eat as Mexican food is an American-ized version of authentic food eaten in Mexico. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to keep in mind, specifically in the case of this blog post, for understanding the health benefits of Mexican food. Much of what Amercians have associated with Mexican food is actually Tex Mex. 

Tex Mex food is quite different from authentic Mexican food in that it usually has more processed foods, less complex flavors, and a lot of cheese. Authentic Mexican food usually uses fresh ingredients, less cheese, salsas are homemade, and there are many complex flavors available. Depending on what you order, authentic Mexican food is in many ways healthier than Tex Mex. Read more about this here

Spices & Flavor 

Much of fast food and delivery food is a treat because it is high in calories due to being fried, the toppings, the carb-ratio, processed ingredients, and other aspects. In some cases, we could say these unhealthy ingredients like exorbitant levels of salt are due to the food being ultimately (and on its own) flavorless. Not so for the food we serve at our authentic Mexican restaurant! For our food, it is all about the flavor, spices, and using cooking methods that enhance the natural flavor of foods versus mask them. As a result, our food is a healthier alternative to stopping by the local burger joint. 

Less Processed Ingredients

Many of the ingredients in our food and what you experience in the dishes we create are less processed than much of what you can expect at other restaurants. We use fresh veggies, homemade tortillas, quality meats, and many of our recipes are those from Mexico where we only use raw ingredients. When you eat authentic Mexican food, you are most likely eating food that is fresh, minimally processed, and enhanced purely with spices. 

Balanced Nutrients

We aren’t nutritionists at El Charrito by any means, but from our knowledge of creating our meals and the recipes from Mexico that we use, our meals are relatively balanced and a good source of nutrients to power your day. Authentic Mexican food offers protein, fiber, healthy carbohydrates, grains, veggies, healthy fats, spices packed with nutrients, and more. Though our meals may not carry the same healthy punch that a protein shake would, compared to other food offered by restaurants in the Salinas area, our food provides more nutrition — and more than you may have realized.

It Will Feed Your Soul 

Lastly, our food feeds and nourishes the soul. Our food is made with a love for spices, flavor, and fresh ingredients, and you can taste our passion for creating delicious food in every bite. Whether you are grabbing lunch with a friend, ordering food delivery for a night in, or stopping by for a quick bite, we are always happy when you choose El Charrito. 

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