Searching for an authentic Mexican restaurant can be a real drag, especially if you’ve tasted real, traditionally, savory, spicy and delicious authentic Mexican food. Not only are these dishes rich in taste, but they’re hard to come by. Luckily, if you live near Monterey, the possibilities for you to indulge in a spicy, savory and authentic Mexican dish aren’t too far fetched; they’re a reality. At El Charrito, we’ll make all of your taste buds come alive, it’s a fact.

Recently, our authentic Mexican restaurant, El Charrito, was featured in the Monterey County Weekly magazine for having the top tortillas in all the land, well, at least in Monterey and surrounding areas.new_cta2a

Our Monterey County Weekly Debut

In summary, the article raved about how fresh our tortillas are. It also highlighted how we’re unlike any other authentic Mexican restaurant out there because we pack our freshly made traditional tortillas and send them off to New York and even other countries around the world where authentic Mexican food can’t be found, such as in Paris and Japan. Moreover, we’re all about implementing milestones hunter and gatherers used 12,000 years ago.

We practice cooking a little bit differently in comparison to other “Mexican” restaurants. For example, we cook with fire! We keep all of the traditional Mexican dishes served from our chef’s doors blazing in order to provide customers with classic tortillerías everyone loves and expects.

new_cta2-HOVERWhat is a classic tortillerías?

Back some 250,000 years ago, ancient humans created a culinary milestone which transitioned into what is better known as maize; better yet, let’s just call it corn. The hunters and gatherers transitioned to this landmark of Mexican food type dishes nearly 7,000 years ago and created what we know as the delicious and captivating corn tortilla.

“The ancient practice the Aztecs developed for cooking corn in lime, known as nixtamal, is the same method classic tortillerías employ today.

What does this have to do with El Charrito? Everything!

At El Charrito, we provide our customers with top-of-the-line, can’t-be-beat, traditional, delicious and mouth-watering classic tortillerías. We make them the old-school way. What does that mean, exactly? The old school way means we make our tortillerías with dough, or masa, by hand and plenty of hard work. We grind the wet, cooked corn using manos and metates to provide each and every customer with a traditional and authentic Mexican restaurant experience. Often times, you’ll find the tortillas you eat elsewhere are made “fresh daily,” but are not made from scratch. They’re commonly created from “scratch” using maseca powder, usually from the powder base manufacturer Gruma; they’re the biggest tortilla company in the world and fuel brands, including Mission. At El Charrito, we completely bypass using any manufacturers and provide each guest with a unique and flavorful traditional Mexican experience.

Our Specialty

Our specialty is our traditional, authentic tortillas made from scratch. We make over 2,200 fresh tortillas per day and sell them for $3.25 per dozen.If you’re searching for a way to get authentic Mexican food in your home, stop by our restaurant in Monterey today. Meanwhile, read Monterey County Weekly’s article which features El Charrito, now!