It’s that time of year when we’re all looking at our waistlines—the consequences of our merry-making during the holidays—and thinking about the steps we need to take to get healthy and get swimsuit ready by the time the temperatures start to rise. It’s easy to think you must completely eliminate all food from your diet except the great and powerful kale and other powerfoods. This is all well and good. However, much of what you already may be eating, especially if you visit our authentic Mexican restaurant in the Monterey area, provides vitamins and nutrients that your body needs and craves. The food at El Charrito does feed the soul, and many of the ingredients that you will find in our food will nourish the body as well.


With the arrival of spices in the Western world and beyond, the entire global community became exposed to spices that not only made our food more flavorful, but also healthier; many of these powerful herbs are packed full of health benefits that our bodies crave. Cumin is no exception. This tasty spice that can be found in many or our spicy sauces is packed full of antibacterial properties, as well as iron. According to the Food Network, one tablespoon provides 22 percent of our daily value of iron!  


Tomatillos, not to be confused with their red cousins, the tomato, are a wonderful addition to any mexican cuisine due to their flavor, as well as all the nutrients that they deliver without the calories. These little beauties provide vitamins C and K, two essential vitamins that our body needs to stay healthy.


Corn isn’t found in every authentic Mexican dish; however, when it is, you will take notice due to its delish contribution. Corn doesn’t just make for an excellent addition to fish tacos or salsa, but corn is packed full of fiber, a necessary element that keeps our digestive system functioning at its best.

Cocoa Powder

We all have heard the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The same could be true for cocoa powder. Cocoa powder provides essential ingredients to keep your heart and brain healthy; these compounds are called flavanols. Next time you’re enjoying a tasty mole, remember that your heart and brain are happy you are indulging in this tasty treat as well.


We all know that avocado is one of those foods that health junkies are eating all the time, but why? Well, we can certainly say that we love to indulge in fresh guacamole and top our tacos with chunks of fresh avocado, but now we know that we are loving on our bodies at the same time. Avocados are packed full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that keep the ticker right on ticking!

These aren’t the only ingredients that provide excellent health benefits! Stay tuned for part two and come down to El Charrito, your local authentic Mexican restaurant in Monterey!

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