With all sorts of restaurants in Monterey, it can be challenging to know what places offer truly authentic Mexican food. At El Charrito, that will never be a concern! Forget what you think you know about Mexican cuisine. We’ve heard all sorts of rumors and myths, and we are here to separate the facts from the fiction.

True or False?

All Mexican Food is Spicy

False! It can be, but not all of it is. One of the staple ingredients in Mexican food is chili peppers. Most chilies are spicy, but that doesn’t mean all of them are. Some are sweet, like sweet bell peppers. Also, many traditional dishes are not spicy on their own; it is often the salsa added on the side that makes the dish so hot.

Traditional Guacamole Does Not Have Lime or Garlic

This is true. Ingredients typically include jalapeno, white onion, avocado, salt, and cilantro mashed together with the occasional splash of olive oil. The lime and garlic have both been added by other cultures. While this way of making guacamole is delicious, it isn’t the traditional recipe.

Chimichangas Are Not Traditional Mexican Food

True, they are not! Just like fajitas and nachos, chimichangas taste great, but they are not authentic Mexican food. These dishes were created in Texas, so they do have Mexican roots.

If you want to learn more about traditional Mexican food, be sure to come see us at El Charrito! We are the perfect Mexican restaurant choice for you and your family. Stop in today!