Mexican food in Monterey is a common cuisine that many people love to eat. Whether Taco Tuesday is on your dinner menu each week or a quesadilla is your go-to munchie, Authentic Mexican food has something about it that makes consumers keep coming back for more. Maybe it’s the spice? Maybe it’s the mole sauce? Or, maybe it’s the fact that it’s authentic? Whatever your reason for loving Mexican food is, at El Charrito in Monterey, you can count on our staff to serve you the top picks you’ll love, and yes, some of them are spicy!

Do you love spice? How much spice do you love? Do you love a few jalapenos in your dish or are you someone who could handle the ghost pepper? And, is authentic Mexican food actually spicy?

Yes and no. Authentic Mexican food served at our restaurant, El Charrito, can be spicy, but not all of our dishes need to be made with an extra kick of flavor. Traditional Mexican food from the northern part of Mexico, along the US border near Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, often serve real, traditional Mexican food that is spicy. However, when you travel down to the heart of Mexico City, you’ll learn that there is a lot more variety of spiciness. The traditional and authentic Mexican food in the depths of Mexico City are more varied and subtle. When you travel out towards to Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll experience nearly no spice, but a much sweeter taste of Mexican cuisine. Real, traditional Mexican food from Oaxacan region (south eastern-central mountains) are commonly characterized as rich and savory, not necessarily spicy. And lastly, food from the southeastern part of Mexico is generally made with plenty of spice and veggies alongside seafood as the protein.

As you can tell, authentic Mexican food can vary from extremely spicy to a sweet recipe that will make you coming back for more. Now, understandably, we don’t expect you to travel to Mexico to try out all of the different Mexican food options available to you; all of these varieties of spice and traditional Mexican cuisines are available right here in the heart of Monterey at El Charrito.
Don’t be part of the misconception that says Mexican food is only corn, beans and rice. Mexican food from our authentic restaurant is more than that. We provide each and every guest with a delightful experience that’s both traditional and memorable. From a variety of meals to choose between, we know you’ll be excited to give one of our authentic meals a try. Feel free to peruse our incredible menu online with us today. We’re excited to provide Monterey with an assortment of delicious, spicy, sweet and traditional Mexican food options. If you have any questions about what we serve, feel free to reach out to us online!