Welcome back to the El Charrito blog! Our blog is your one-stop shop to learn everything about our favorite food — Mexican food. In our last post, we talked about guacamole and shared some fun facts about one of our favorite appetizers. We also recently talked about what makes Mexican food authentic. Today, we are going to discuss the subject of dessert and what sweets are the best finale to your dinner at our authentic Mexican restaurant in Monterey.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of eating this delicious classic creamy custard dish, you must stop what you’re doing and go find some. Flan is a hard-set custard, usually served with a liquid caramel sauce. Flan and variations on this dessert are made throughout Spain and Latin America and is one of many perfect ways to finish dinner.


If you’ve never had a sopapilla, we have a question — have you been living under a rock? We are kidding. Sopapillas are a classic Mexican dessert; they are fried pastries that puff up so they are hollow in the middle. After they are fried they are doused in cinnamon and sugar, and usually served with honey. Yum!

Tres Leches Cake

A tres leches cake is a crave-worthy concoction that gets its name from the three types of milk that are used to make it: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. To fully describe what this dessert is, we must briefly explain how it is made: once the cake is baked, these three milks are poured over top, with whipped cream and fresh fruit to finish it off making this cake a sweet, milky, cake experience.

Arroz con Leche

Arroz con leche is a rice pudding dish that comes to us by way of Spain and Portuguese-speaking countries. This dessert is made from rice, milk, sweetener, and spices. Though simple, arroz con leche will delight the taste buds as much as it satisfies the stomach.




It gets hot around Monterey and there is nothing better than ending a meal with a refreshing and, maybe, even healthy popsicles. Paletas are far from their watery, sugar-filled counterparts; these Mexican ice pops are made with fresh fruit and even nuts!

Mexican Brownies

Though Mexican brownies may not have their origin rooted directly in Mexican culture, the concept of Mexican brownies is. The ingredient that differentiates them from their American counterparts is the chili powder or cayenne pepper that is added to each batch of these scrumptious sweet and spicy brownies.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

You don’t have to get married to enjoy these delicious little cookies and they are simple enough that you can make them at home. Simply, create these delightful sugar cookies, bake them and roll them in powdered sugar.

If you want to end your meal at our authentic Mexican restaurant off with food that is as equally delicious as your lunch or dinner, try one of these desserts!