If you’ve been a fan of our authentic Mexican restaurant for a while, you know that when it comes to making tasty burritos, we aren’t messing around. We have won awards multiple times for our tasty concoctions and have become a destination in the Monterey area for Mexican food. However, we aren’t just serving crave-worthy food for lunch and dinner. We are also serving up breakfast burritos that may become your favorite way to start the day. 

Keep reading to learn more about the history of the breakfast burrito and be sure to stop into El Charrito to savor Salinas’ favorite way to start the day. 

History of the Breakfast Burrito: Where Did It Come From?

Whether you are grabbing a burrito on the go or you are enjoying some Mexican food delivery after a night of frivolities, there is nothing like enjoying a savory breakfast burrito. The breakfast burrito has become a staple for many all over the country. The beginning of the breakfast burrito is uncertain. However, it is believed that this savory breakfast favorite came to be first in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Burritos Humble Beginnings

Traditional burritos first came to be in Sonora, Mexico as the area’s production of wheat allowed for ample amounts of flour tortillas. Early versions of burritos were created in the 19th century with flour tortillas and leftover rice and beans; burritos at the time were carried with laborers and others going about their day as a convenient meal. The burritos grew in popularity in the U.S. in the 1970s due to the popularity of frozen burritos in Southern California. These burritos were made popular by the same guy that sold frozen burgers to McDonald’s. 

Burritos But At Breakfast

After burritos became a mainstay for the American diet, breakfast burritos came onto the scene. Though it is uncertain where breakfast burritos originated, a restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico Tia Sophia’s claims to be where they first became in 1975. 

At Tia Sophia’s the breakfast burrito came to be as just a regular burrito sold earlier in the day and with hash browns added. Eggs were optional. Quickly the idea caught on, and eventually the concept of the breakfast burrito spread across the country with each place having their own adaptation. Even Tia Sophia’s took the idea further with other breakfast eats inspired by the  breakfast burrito such as the breakfast burrito bowl. 

San Francisco — the Mission Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast version of The Mission Burrito is only a little different from its overstuffed counterpart  offering multiple meats like bacon, chorizo, and ham as well as cubed potatoes instead of the hash brown variety. The breakfast Mission Burrito is a mouthful but wonderful way to start the day.

San Diego — The California Breakfast Burrito

San Diego isn’t shy about changing things up a bit by adding french fries to their burritos — sometimes taking the place of regular potatoes. However hashbrowns can also be found alongside steak and delicious chipotle sauces in the California Breakfast Burrito. 

Denver — The Colorado Breakfast Burrito

Coloradans love their breakfast burritos and even have a day — the second Saturday of October — dedicated as Breakfast Burrito Day. In Colorado, you can find all kinds of variations on the traditional breakfast burritos with some even served wet, smothered in chili and cheese. Most burritos in Denver have scrambled eggs and cubed potatoes.

Los Angeles — The Cofax Breakfast Burrito

In L.A., you can find the gamut of breakfast burrito varieties, but one of the most popular is the Cofax burrito found in the Fairfax District that adds tortilla chips and pastrami to eggs and potatoes. A slice of avocado can also be found served alongside nearly any breakfast burrito in town.

Austin — Breakfast Tacos

We can’t talk about breakfast burritos without mentioning another wonderful breakfast eat — the breakfast taco. Breakfast tacos are said to have originated from Austin but have quickly grown in popularity especially in places that already love a good breakfast burrito. 

As you can see there is no wrong way to enjoy a breakfast burrito. We at El Charrito hope you will enjoy one of our breakfast burritos inspired by traditional flavors. Check out our menu and order El Charrito the best Mexican food delivery in Salinas and the Monterey area.