How El Charrito Started

Like many immigrants who came to this country, we came with hopes of opportunity and a better life. Our family, the Moncada’s, migrated to this country from Mexico in the early 60’s with the same mentality and in pursuit of the of the American dream. As many immigrants do, our family had to work hard in order to save money to be able to open a small business in Salinas and achieve our American dream.

We had experience owning a small grocery store in Mexico, and at the time businesses were not catering to the Mexican community. So naturally, in 1981, we opened a small grocery store with a small deli counter that sold Teresa’s recipes. After opening multiple grocery stores in the 1980’s and 1990’s, our family decided to shift our focus to what we do best: selling easy to-go style Mexican food while using old cooking techniques.

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There are many Mexican restaurants to choose from when searching “best Mexican food near me.” So, why choose ours? In addition to our fresh ingredients and crave-worthy food, our restaurant is rooted in decades of family tradition and recipes with origins from over the border.  When you are a patron, you are tasting a piece of Salinas history and supporting a local business that has faithfully served Monterey county for more than 30 years. Learn more about our history and be sure to check out our menu, visit us in Salinas, share us with your friends, and order online!

Our Mission

El Charrito is an authentic Mexican restaurant founded on tradition and love; we are passionate about what we do, and love sharing our cooking and traditional Mexican food with others in the Monterey area. It is not about cooking food fast, it is about providing authentic food, served traditionally, to people in Salinas and throughout Monterey County that have a love for Mexican cuisine.

At El Charrito, it is our goal when you come into our authentic Mexican restaurant to provide you a place of enjoyment and serve you food that brings back family memories of your own. Using years of family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, we’re honored to share Teresa’s recipes with you and your family. From homemade tortillas to fresh salsa and chile relleno, we hope that you enjoy our delicious menu options. Buen provecho!

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